Benefits of Proper Posture in Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a holistic system that was specifically designed for and derived from the Eastern systems of sensuality and intimacy. Distinctive from the regular massage techniques that mainly emphasize physical stress reduction and tension relieving, tantric massage is meant to elicit the sexual energies of the body for healing and connecting humans to foster growth and nourishment.

In the philosophy of tantric, the body is treated as a sacred temple, which makes it the route map of power that is present in it. Position within the body is one of the most vital factors for energy flow, relaxing the flow of energy and ensuring it moves harmonically and smoothly throughout the body. In this tantric massage, both giver and receiver must assume proper positions to relax and be open and receptive aggressively.

Here are some key benefits of proper posture in tantric massage:

Alignment of energy channels

According to the principle of tantric massage – the energy smink – if the practitioner maintains correct posture, it will help ensure that the channels that carry energy are not squeezed. The giver and the receiver stand with good posture and proper alignment: a harmonious rhythm of breathing, relaxing and curing, conscious relaxation, and awareness are the results.

Enhanced connection

Proper posture enables you to tune in to the other person’s presence, vital to a truly fulfilling experience. The couple is more in tune with one another when they remain open, and movant matched. Their postures are directed at each other, and they monitor their partner’s energy, breathing, and subtle movements. Such deepened ties deliver a more intimate and rewarding immersion, thus leading to intimacy, trust, voicing out, and mutual understanding.

Optimal breathing

Posture bears relation to breathing cycles and tantric massage; therefore, it intends to reach the level of conscious breathing. A good body posture enables contraction of the diaphragm. It ultimately allows the lungs to expand, thus providing enough space for deep and regular breathing. In addition to instilling a feeling of relaxation, deep breathing, a component of the massage, also facilitates the energy flow around the various body parts. The resounding result is that the therapeutic effects of the massage are boosted.

Musculoskeletal health

Adherence to the correct postures during tantric massage is vital for anybody, whether giving or receiving, to lessen strain and injury. Bad posture may lead muscles to become stretched or remain in tense positions, joints are poorly aligned, and chronic pain may result. With the habit of practicing good postures, the tension in the muscles can be pumped out of the body and at the same time, the spine is aligned just all right; thus, the musculoskeletal system will be healthy enough to support the massage for a long time and the sore days in the massage session will not be expected.

Emotional release

The liberation of emotional and energetic repressions in a tantric massage London often depends on the ability of the therapist to track them within the patient’s body. The correct posture creates an appropriate and safe framework for outpouring such inward-confined sentiment. Individuals who keep a healthy posture with an openness and relaxed manner can let go of inhibitions sufficiently to come up with suppressed feelings that give way to a healing process and do not criticize or resist.

Heightened sensory awareness

Most people who offer their attention during tantric massage to the feelings and sense impressions they receive can grasp epiphanies about being’ here now’. The body is strong, the mind becomes a good leader, and the senses become sharper as a well-aligned body shape. Such increased sensory awareness enlivens the giver and receiver to commemorate the present state of mind, therefore sending the puzzles of the bonding of pleasure, tranquility, and spiritual connection to the highest point.

Spiritual alignment

Asian massage is not just a physical process but an essentially spiritual one aimed at balancing body, mind and spirit. The correct posture is the supporting factor of spiritual alignment as it promotes a sense of balance, stability, and grounding. An upstanding and centered posture is a way to spiritual growth and enlightenment, for an individual can find this through internal unification and contact with the supernatural.