What is the difference between a Mexican escort and a regular prostitute?

Mexico has recently become one of the most popular sex tourism destinations due to the availability of different girls at different price points. In Mexico’s large cities, you can easily find cheap street prostitutes, sex professionals working in restaurants and clubs, skilled brothel workers, and elite representatives of escort services. Therefore, if you are planning a trip to Cancun, Acapulco or other famous vacation spots in search of an affordable VIP girl, find out in advance what makes escort in Mazatlan special as prostitutes. We recommend that you keep it.

Physical Differences

It goes without saying that a sex professional or Mexican escorts found at her is not crawler must be physically attractive, as appearance is the most important work tool. However, representatives of elite escorts have some common characteristics that distinguish them from cheaper competitors.

  1. Type of model appearance: To work in the intimate sphere, a woman needs an attractive body and face that will attract the attention of a man and stimulate his desires and desires. Needless to say, all the prostitutes are pretty good-looking and sexy girls. But she is different when it comes to escorting girls. Physical parameters of the model are required and only the best ones are selected.
  2. Age: Among the traditional call girls, there are both young beginners and experienced professionals. So, you can meet representatives of all age groups. However, there are certain age restrictions when it comes to escort services. This is understandable since wealthy men with high status usually prefer fresh, youthful, and pretty women.
  3. Eye-catching clothing: Street prostitutes try all means to attract the attention of potential customers. Therefore, they wear bright clothes that barely conceal their bodies, in order to emphasize their sexuality and clarify their profession. But unlike them, senorita escorts are not picked up on the street. Customers find them through special agencies or on CDMX or similar category Best Escort sex dating sites. That means you don’t need vibrant colors or super sexy images. On the contrary, VIP prostitutes like to wear stylish, elegant, and sophisticated clothes.
  4. I wear too much makeup: Similar to clothing, Puranas on the street use makeup to let potential customers know that they are waiting to be picked up. That is why their cosmetics are always very bright and provocative. Elite prostitutes, on the other hand, use makeup only to emphasize their natural beauty, creating a mild and sophisticated image without excessive eroticism.

Professional Skills

Looks aren’t the only thing that separates Mexican escorts from street professionals. Her professional skills also contributed to this award.

  1. Excellent eroticism: Classical representatives of the ancient trade usually offered a limited variety of intimate favors, including some traditional positions and some oral caresses, usually for an additional fee. However, the more expensive and popular the girl, the more diverse and unpredictable her abilities will be. For example, when you use an escort, you are likely to meet a girl who has specialized knowledge in non-standard sexual acts such as B. Fetish, tantric sex, and professional massage.
  2. Event accompaniment: While regular prostitutes are hired solely for sexual services, escort girls are sometimes invited as armchairs for walks, educated Mexican tourist guides, interpreters, and even companions for business meetings.

It is important to understand the differences and be able to tell the difference between a regular prostitute and a professional escort. Only then can you find your perfect partner and experience an unforgettable date with a Mexican girl.